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Hearing Evaluation and Treatment Solutions


Dr. Kent

As you know, hearing loss can be sudden or progressive. Treatment for hearing loss varies and depends on the underlying cause or causes, as well as the degree and type of hearing loss.

Some causes of hearing loss have simple solutions, but best outcomes result from prompt evaluation and management. Hearing loss, including sudden hearing loss and tinnitus, should be evaluated by a healthcare provider, and the patient’s hearing should be evaluated by an audiologist.

A comprehensive audiological evaluation must be completed in order to identify the type and severity of hearing loss and to help determine appropriate treatment and referral options. Additionally, the audiologic evaluation can assist you in making recommendations for hearing aids or assistive listening devices.

When hearing loss occurs secondary to an identifiable cause, such as ototoxic medicines, some antibiotics, aspirin, or ibuprofen, for example, symptoms may improve after the patient stops taking the medication. Keep in mind, though, that permanent hearing loss can result from these types of medications, as well. Hearing loss caused by a blockage in the external ear canal, such as impacted ear wax, can be easily treated by removing the wax to eliminate the blockage.

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