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Pharmaceutical Interventions for Hearing Loss (PIHL) Working Group

There are currently no FDA-approved pharmaceuticals indicated for prophylaxis or treatment of hearing loss or tinnitus. Several promising agents are already in clinical trials, however, with many more in preclinical development. The HCE has organized a working group known as the Pharmaceutical Interventions for Hearing Loss, or PIHL group, which is dedicated to advancing this field of biomedical research.

Bringing together experts from across the DoD, VA, academia, and industry, the PIHL group coordinates subject matter experts to compile, develop, and disseminate current and comprehensive understanding of:

The state of the science,  including preclinical research, ongoing clinical trials, and new study results,
Evidence-based research methodology standards, and
Capability-based requirements for technology transition to the DoD.


The PIHL group focuses its efforts through subcommittees formed around relevant topics


Current topics:


Patient-Monitoring/Therapeutic-Efficacy Parameters

Drug Delivery Methods

Ototoxic and Therapeutic Compounds (OTiC) Database Development


Additional topics:


Temporary Threshold Shift/Permanent Threshold Shift

Patient/Provider Education Toolkit

Vestibular Disease Targeting



PIHL Newsletters

PIHL Research Guidance

PIHL Group Publications


Quick Fact


The three small bones in the middle ear are the malleus, or hammer, incus, or anvil, and stapes, or stirrup.

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