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Limb Trauma Educational Series Archive Presentations

The following recordings for the Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes and the Limb Trauma Educational Series are available for users who have a CAC/PIV enabled device. Courses are available in VCLASS in Joint Knowledge Online.

Date Presenter Limb Trauma Educational Series Topic
June 2024 Robert S. Gailey, PT, PhD, FAPTA
Ignacio Alejandro Gaunaurd, PT, PhD, MSPT
Integration of Outcomes in Clinical Decision Making
May 2024 Stuart Campbell, PT, MPT
Andrea Crunkhorn, P.T., D.P.T.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for Clinician Assessment Vascular Techniques
April 2024 Brandon Propper, MD, FACS, FSVS, RPVI, Col. USAF MC Vascular Techniques
March 2024 Stuart Campbell, P.T., M.P.T.
Joseph Miller, Ph.D., M.S., C.P.
Advancing Clinical Practice through Global Health Engagement
February 2024 Jessica Richards, Ph.D. Behavioral Health Considerations in Limb Loss Rehabilitation: A Biopsychosocial Perspective (Part 2)
January 2024 Jessica Richards, Ph.D. Behavioral Health Considerations in Limb Loss Rehabilitation: A Biopsychosocial Perspective (Part 1)
December 2023 Luis Andres Garza, M.D., Ph.D. Reprogramming Stump Skin Identity to Enhance Prosthetic Use
October 2023 Daniel Abrahamson, C.P.O.
G. Eli Kaufman, C.P.O.
Chelsea Leonard, Ph.D.
Mobile Services: Expanding Access to Orthotic & Prosthetic Care
September 2023 Drew Stover Incorporating VR for Limb Trauma: Research, Usage, and Treatment
August 2023 Bridget Mathis, M.O.T., O.T.R. Driving Simulation and Clinical Application
July 2023 Alan Young, D.O. Alpha Stim
May 2023 Nico Marcolongo Adaptive Sports, A Clinical Force Multiplier
April 2023 Major Megan Loftsgaarden, D.O.
Elizabeth Russell-Esposito, Ph.D.
Andrea Crunkhorn, P.T., D.P.T.
Considerations for Women with Amputation
March 2023 Linda Resnik, P.T., Ph.D.
Allen W. Heinemann, Ph.D.
OPUS-LL and OPUS Satisfaction with Device Scale
February 2023 Dave Johnson Biomechanics of a Patellofemoral-Unloading Knee Brace
January 2023 Benjamin M. Keizer, Ph.D.
Major John Jones, Ph.D.
Major Andrea Krunnfusz, Ph.D.
A Solution Focused View: Orthopedic Trauma Treatment
October 2022 Chad Kincaid, C.P., P.T. Winter Sports & Recreation—Prosthetic Options and Assistive Technologies
September 2022 Lt. Col. Bradley Ritland, P.T., Ph.D., D.P.T.
Lt. Col. Jason Judkins, Ph.D., D.Sc., O.T.R.
Major (P) Julianna Jayne, Ph.D., R.D.
Major Vanessa Ramirez, P.T., Ph.D., D.P.T.
Prevention, Mitigation and Assessment of Musculoskeletal Injuries
August 2022 Alicia White, A.T.C., P.T., D.P.T. Bilateral Transfemoral Running
July 2022 Shawn Johnson Swanson, O.T.R./L. Enhancing Skills for Life
June 2022 Jason Souza, M.D. Maximizing Function after Remote Extremity Trauma
May 2022 Harvey G. Naranjo, C.O.T.A./L. Maximizing Function Through Occupational Therapy Based Adaptive Sports
April 2022 Sheila Clemens, P.T., D.P.T., Ph.D.
Ben Darter, P.T., Ph.D.
Chris Doerger, P.T., C.P.
Ignacio Guarnaud, P.T., Ph.D., M.S.P.T.
Amputation Care Yearly Research Evidence Update
March 2022 Kimberly Bernato Lower Extremity Residual Limb Care
February 2022 Sean McClure Quorum Prosthetics
January 2022 Dr. Teresa Brininger
Dr. Dawn Golding
Dr. Lisa Prasso
Ms. Marie Black
Evidence Based Rehabilitation Protocols Across the Amputation Rehabilitation Centers
Part One: Lower Limb
December 2021 Chelsea Welch Naked Prosthetics
October 2021 Kathy Kirchner Home Modifications
September 2021 Molly McCoy Clinical Reasoning & Documentation Templates for Prosthetics & Orthotics
August 2021 Dr. Elizabeth Russell Esposito Energy Storing and Returning AFOs
July 2021 Andrea Crunkhorn, P.T., D.P.T.
Stuart Campbell
Outcome Measures Decision Algorithms
June 2021 Kurt Collier OPRA/eOPRA
May 2021 Joshua Mullins iFIT Prosthetics
April 2021 Andrea Crunkhorn, P.T., D.P.T.
Stuart Campbell
Outcome Measures
March 2021 Captain Nicolle Curtis Nutrition in the Polytrauma Patient
February 2021 Ignacio Guarnaud, P.T., Ph.D., M.S.P.T. CLASS—Comprehensive Lower Limb Amputee Socket Survey
October 2021 Dr. Daniel Lee The Development and Validation of the Self-Management Assessment of the Residuum and Prosthesis
August 2020 Colonel Vanessa Meyer Holistic Rehabilitation: Enhancing Readiness, Cultivating Wellness
July 2020 Major Leigh Ann Lechanski Dry Needling—Applications for Neuromuscular Dysfunction
June 2020 Craig Armstrong Functional Benefits of Kinematically Coupled Knee and Ankle in an MPK
May 2020 Colonel Kyle Potter Combat-Related Heterotopic Ossification
April 2020 Dr. Robert Gregg Intuitive Clinician Control Interface for a Powered Knee-Ankle Prosthesis
February 2020 Chris Deck Blood Flow Restriction
January 2020 Dr. Edmund Howe Ethics in Amputations
October 2019 Dr. Levin Sliker
Dr. Richard Weir
Prosthetic Options for People with Partial Hand Amputation and the Evolving Role of Additive Manufacturing
August 2019 Johnny Owens Blood Flow Restriction Rehabilitation for the Amputee
July 2019 Jack Richmond Amputation—Recovery and Beyond
May 2019 Jonathan Cook The Espire Elbow and Electronic Axis: Upper Limb Innovations from College Park
April 2019 Dr. Elizabeth Russell Esposito Gait Analysis for Patients with Severe Lower Limb Injuries
March 2019 Dr. Courtney Stewart Intense Noise Exposure and Peripheral Vestibular Injury: An Updated Perspective on Fall Risk
January 2019 Tonya Osborne Simpson Peer Support: Connections that Matter
November 2018 Nathan Sprunger Introducing the TASKA Multi-Articulating Hand
October 2018 Dr. Carol Miller
Dr. Bethany Nelson
High Level Lower Extremity Amputation
Last Updated: June 13, 2024
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