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Damage to the ear caused by a sudden change in air pressure within the middle ear. This may be caused by:

  • A slap to the side of the head.
  • A rapid change in altitude when flying or sky diving.
  • Pressure changes when diving (platform diving, snorkeling, or scuba diving).

People who experience ear barotrauma may have severe ear pain or a ruptured tympanic membrane (eardrum) because of the pressure changes.

Barotrauma 3-D Model

This model is useful for patient education, professional training and patient use.

  • The interactive image below has a large file size and may take a long time to load on screen.
  • For best results, download the file (10.7 MB) to your computer and open the original file on your desktop computer.

Please share how you are using the 3-D Ear Model by contacting us at the Hearing Center of Excellence.

Last Updated: September 22, 2023
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