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Military Health System

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Real Warriors: Optimize

Real Warriors: Optimize

Practices and strategies that may enhance your mental health, ensure psychological readiness, and help overcome stressors include:

  • Practice mindfulness daily. This may help you to stay in the moment, influences cognition (attention, concentration), and reduces stress hormones.1
  • Keep a journal. Journaling and creative expression may help to process potential negative experiences and creates mental distance from them. Journal about what you imagine, what you hope to achieve.2
  • Become aware of your thoughts and practice challenging negative thinking, such as thinking a lot about things you have no control over, jumping to conclusions, and discounting positive experiences.3 
  • Practice gratitude and identifying the positive aspects to be found in a negative situation, such as it being the opportunity to learn more about yourself or learn something new.4
  • Find daily meaning and value in yourself and what you do, and identify high value and long-term aspirations that you can strive toward. This process alone may enhance your cognitive performance, overall happiness, and improve physical health conditions.5,6
  • Become engaged in activities or hobbies that bring positive experiences and rewards to your day and keep you engaged in your environment to potentially change how you feel. Naturally rewarding activities such as giving back to the community, being physically active, or connecting with others can help to combat stress and improve your mood.5,7,8


Last Updated: March 19, 2024
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