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Military Health System

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Reports to Congress

Reports Signed in 2024

Download Reports to Congress signed in 2024.

Study on the Incidence of Cancer Diagnosis and Mortality among Military Aviators and Aviation Support PersonnelH.R. 6395 NDAA for FY 2021, Sec. 7505/9/2024
Brain Health Initiative of the Department of DefenseH.R.7776 NDAA for FY 2023 Sec. 7355/1/2024
Extra Medical Maternal Health Providers Demonstration ProjectH.R. 6395 NDAA for FY 2021 Sec. 746(f)(2)4/24/2024
Joint Warfighter Medical Research ProgramH.R. 2471 Consolidated Approps for FY 2022, JES 117-35, Pg. 147 H.R. 4432 HAC-D Report for FY 2022, 117-88, Pg. 330-3314/18/2024
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Personnel ShortfallsS. 4543 SASC Report for FY 2023, 117-130, Pg. 1894/11/2024
Accountability for Wounded Warriors Undergoing Disability EvaluationH.R.7776, NDAA for FY 2023 Sec. 7113/28/2024
Orthotics and Prosthetics Outcomes ResearchH.R. 2471, Consolidated Approps for FY 2022, JES 117-35, Pg. 148 DoD Approps SAC-D for FY 2022 Report, Pg. 2243/28/2024
Stayskal Act Reporting RequirementS. 2226, SASC Report for FY 2024,118-58, Pg. 176-1773/21/2024
Peer-Reviewed Cancer Research ProgramsH.R. 4432, HAC-D Report for FY 2022, 117-88, Pg. 328-3303/21/2024
Military Medical Standards for AccessionH.R. 2670, HASC Report for FY 2024, 118-125, Pg. 1993/15/2024
Study on Incidence of Breast Cancer Among Members of the Armed Forces Serving on Active Duty S. 1605, NDAA Conference Report for FY 2022, 117-21, Sec. 7403/5/2024
Medical Examination Requirements for Service Academy Applicants in the Northern Mariana IslandsH.R. 2670, HASC Report for FY 2024, 118-125, Pg. 199 2/29/2024
Metastatic Cancer Research FY2023H.R. 8236, DoD Approps for FY 2023 HAC-D Report, 117-388, Pg. 267-268 2/9/2024
Annual Report on Autism Care DemonstrationS. 1376, SASC Report for FY 2016, 114-49, Pg. 157-158 1/8/2024
Improving Military Readiness through Physical Therapists Serving in Primary Care RolesH.R 7900 HASC Report for FY 2023 117-397 Pg. 191-1921/2/2024
Last Updated: May 17, 2024
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