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Additional Print Material

The Hearing Center of Excellence, or HCE, has produced hearing-related print materials for hearing health providers, audiologists, audiology departments, and medical treatment facilities. The HCE print materials can be downloaded on the Posters and Additional Print Materials pages.  


Tinnitus QA One PageI

Tinnitus Q A factsheet print here


Auditory Processing Disorder Fact Sheet

Auditory Processing Disorder Fact Sheet print here

DOEHRS HC Tinnitus Question Response Guidance

DOEHRS HC Tinnitus Question Response Guidance print here

Over the Counter Hearing Aid Information

These over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid postcards are available for printing. A QR code leads the reader to a website that has information about OTC and prescription hearing aids, as well as what might be available to them through TRICARE or military medical treatment facilities.

OTC Hearing Aids Post Card




Quick Fact


The three small bones in the middle ear are the malleus, or hammer, incus, or anvil, and stapes, or stirrup.

About Us

The Hearing Center of Excellence fosters and promotes the prevention, diagnosis, mitigation, treatment, rehabilitation and research of hearing loss and auditory injury. It supports the development, exchange and adoption of best practices, research, measures of effectiveness and clinical care guidelines to reduce the prevalence and cost of hearing loss and tinnitus among Warriors and Veterans. Read more

Hearing Health Challenge For Change

Take the challenge, pledge your commitment, and share your story in the prevention of hearing loss in America today.

The Hearing Center of Excellence is committed to promoting Hearing Loss Programs and Hearing Loss Prevention Initiatives across the DoD. Take the pledge to implement the Comprehensive Hearing Health Program (CHHP) at your local clinic and share with us how it's going for you!

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