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Comprehensive Hearing Health Program (CHHP), Info & Materials

The DoD Hearing Center of Excellence (HCE) is leading efforts in preventing noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) through the promotion and implementation of a Comprehensive Hearing Health Program (CHHP) consisting of hearing health education, hearing protection, and periodic hearing health  monitoring.    The CHHP is a paradigm shift in what we have typically experienced in our Hearing Conservation Programs within DOD.  The CHHP brings discipline and standardization to the process by promoting the triad of services (educate, protect, monitor), and delivering it at every opportunity.  The CHHP can benefit all Service members (SMs), regardless of occupation or specialty, as noise is the most prevalent hazardous exposure faced by our SMs on duty, and a significant amount of exposure occurs off-duty.  NIHL is an invisible injury that disrupts communication, degrades job performance, and diminishes overall quality of life. Recent studies support the importance of hearing loss prevention initiatives to reach beyond the workplace and focus on the total Force.   The goal of the CHHP is to help influence positive individual and organizational behavior change regarding the value of hearing and the importance of protecting it to maintain lifelong hearing. 

The HCE is currently launching CHHP across DOD and VA hearing health clinics to include hearing loss prevention education during patient counseling and through global outreach because we live in a noisy world and we are all exposed to hazardous noise, both on duty and off.  The HCE developed hearing health education materials are designed to increase the awareness and understanding of the hazardous effects of noise on hearing.  A primary goal of CHHP it to bring visibility to an invisible but preventable injury, NIHL.

The HCE educational materials can be viewed and ordered from the HCE website ( under Resources, Audio and Print Materials.   These resources are free of charge to DoD/VA providers, and can be ordered and sent directly to your clinic through the online shopping cart or can be downloaded below and printed at your clinic for non DoD/VA providers. 


HCE802 Interpreting the Audiogram

HCE803 Noise Level Poster_24X36

HCE805 Deepest Wounds In The Military

HCE807 Poster Chopper Red


HCE809 Fear What You Cannot Hear

HCE810 Poster Weak Link

HCE811 Poster Story Telling

HCE812 Hearing Loss is a Silent Epidemic Veterans

HCE814Motivational 11x17






HCE825 NoiseHazards



HCE830 TCAPS Operational Training

HCE836 Hearing and Military Service

HCE836 Hearing Loss and Quality of Life

HCE 836 Hearing Awareness

HCE 836 Importance of Hearing in the Military


HCE845 Its A Family Matter

Quick Fact


Hearing is the process of changing sound waves into electrical signals that the brain interprets as specific sounds.

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The Hearing Center of Excellence fosters and promotes the prevention, diagnosis, mitigation, treatment, rehabilitation and research of hearing loss and auditory injury. It supports the development, exchange and adoption of best practices, research, measures of effectiveness and clinical care guidelines to reduce the prevalence and cost of hearing loss and tinnitus among Warriors and Veterans. Read more

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The Hearing Center of Excellence is committed to promoting Hearing Loss Programs and Hearing Loss Prevention Initiatives across the DoD. Take the pledge to implement the Comprehensive Hearing Health Program (CHHP) at your local clinic and share with us how it's going for you!

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