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Military Health System

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Targeted Care

Questions and answers about targeted care in the MHS.


What's targeted care?


Targeted care matches your individual needs to the appropriate support. Examples include:

  • Making an appointment with a primary care behavioral health consultant.
  • Making an appointment with a specialty mental health provider.
  • Connecting you to non-medical support such as military and family life counselors, chaplains, or Military OneSource.

If after your primary assessment, you’re matched to specialty mental health, you may have the option for individual or group therapy.


What's the purpose of targeted care?


Targeted care allows providers to connect you to the most appropriate mental health resource. This allows you to get the best care more efficiently.


What's the benefit of targeted care over the current process?


Targeted are helps coordinate all installation resources resulting in:

  • Increased access to care.
  • Reduced wait times for mental health appointments.
  • Increased readiness.
  • Getting the right care at the right time through earlier intervention.


What's the continuum of care?


The continuum of care is a scale that matches your stress or distress level with the appropriate resources and care to meet your needs.


How is targeted care different from the current process?


The current process for getting mental health care focuses on specialty mental health as the resource to handle ALL mental health needs.

Targeted care synchronizes and expands the number of resources available—clinical and non-clinical—to address each person’s specific needs.


What changes can I expect as a beneficiary after targeted care is implemented?


When contacting your mental health clinic:

  • You’ll work with a technician who will listen to your concerns and match you to the best resource to meet your needs. 
  • Our providers will work closely with the technicians to ensure you get to the right resource. 
  • If it’s decided that a primary or specialty care is the best option, you’ll get an appointment at the clinic.


What kind of professionals will be working with me to get me the appropriate care


Our mental health clinics are staffed by:

  • Licensed psychologists.
  • Licensed clinical social workers.
  • Licensed professional counselors.


What mental health services can I get within my primary care setting


  • Primary care behavioral health consultants are:
    • Licensed psychologists.
    • Social workers.
    • Professional counselors.
  • Behavioral health consultants treat mental health conditions by giving you the skills you need to reduce symptoms and improve daily functioning.


How can I make an appointment with a behavioral health consultant?


You can call your primary care clinic to make an appointment or simply walk in for a preliminary assessment with a technician.


What if I just want to be seen by a specialty care provider, not another resource?


You won’t be turned away or denied specialty care if you want it. Let the technician know at the preliminary screening and an appointment with the next available specialty care provider will be made.

Last Updated: February 27, 2024
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