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The HCE plans to launch an integrated campaign focused on empowering military personnel and veterans to better understand, care for and protect their hearing.
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Spatial Orientation Center (SOC) at Navy Medical Center San Diego (NMCSD)

San Diego, CA

NMCSD website


The Spatial Orientation Center (SOC)’s mission is to address the pressing need for advanced technologies for the prevention, treatment, diagnosis and rehabilitation of hearing and vestibular injuries in our military forces by developing operationally-relevant strategies.

Current Research Areas:

The SOC’s current research is focused on preventing or reducing noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), developing hearing treatments including pharmacological therapies, and the diagnosis and treatment of hearing and balance disorders associated with mild traumatic brain injury and blast exposure.

Key Capabilities:

  • A variety of sound testing booths
  • Audiometric equipment to measure hearing
  • Noise (including blast) generation and measuring systems
  • Systems to measure balance function
  • A system to measure inner ear biochemical changes
  • Equipment for cell culture
  • A variety of microscopic and imaging equipment
  • Zeiss transmission electron microscope with micro-chemical analysis capability
  • Ample office and laboratory space for researchers

Potential Joint Research Areas:

The SOC’s potential research areas involve pharmaceutical approaches to NIHL, including communications and protective device outcomes, research involving drug delivery to the inner ear, and research involving the basic science, diagnois and treatment of blast-induced hearing and balance disorders.

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