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The HCE plans to launch an integrated campaign focused on empowering military personnel and veterans to better understand, care for and protect their hearing.
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Locating a Provider/Treatment Center

The HCE encourages service members, veterans and families to play an active role in their hearing health. Care is available through a variety of sources. Locating the right provider or treatment center will depend on your personal circumstances. Some individuals, including those who have a documented form of compensable service-connected auditory injury, are able to receive care through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Others may need to seek treatment outside of the VA system through a local audiologist, hospital center, nonprofit or university system. The resources below are designed to help you explore your individual patient care options.

Locate a VA Medical Facility

If you are eligible for care through the VA, you can use its interactive online tool to help you locate the nearest VA medical facility in your area. The site provides a map of facilities across the U.S. and allows you to browse by state and administration.

VA Location Finder

Veterans meeting the eligibility requirements to receive health care are eligible for diagnostic audiology services. If you meet the criteria for treatment, you may also be eligible to receive a hearing aid, cochlear implant, or other prosthetic or assitive device to help treat or manage your condition.

Locate a Local Audiologist or Hearing Health Professional

If you are not eligible to receive care through the VA, you can schedule an appointment with a local audiologist, otolaryngologist, or other hearing health professional in your area. The below links contain resources/tools to help you locate a hearing health professional near you:

Find Other Patient Care Resources

Depending on your branch of service or nature of your injury, you may also qualify for support from other noon-VA programs. Click the resources below to learn more about military wounded warrior care and transition assistance programs.

TriCare beneficiaries may be eligible for diagnosis and treatment through the TriCare system. To learn more, visit:

To learn more about VA coverage for specific treatment options, explore the links below:

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